Gorgeous Harbours

Cornish Pasties

Dreaming of Cornwall? 

Do you dream about getting out of the rat-race?

Does it seem that the world has gone car crazy, shopping centre silly and house price potty?

If so, then you’re not unlike thousands of other people, including us, who just want to slow life down a little.

Upping Sticks 

There are many ways to make changes in your life but one of them is to up-sticks and move home to another place.

In 2006 we made the decision to move to Cornwall. We sold our two-up, two-down semi in Sussex, packed the kids and cat in the car and set off.

About Cornblogger.com 

We set up cornblogger.com to chart our journey and to help other people such as yourself, decide if moving to Cornwall is the right thing to do.

Cornblogger is about Cornwall, the land, the people, and the vibrant food and arts scene that’s springing up all over the county.

Hopefully, our experiences and knowledge will be able to help you in making the decision to go for it or to stay put.

Whatever you decide, we hope you can join us and…

…best of luck!

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Amazing Cliff Top Walks